Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Hardest Part of Life

A little poem that I wrote today:

Perhaps the hardest part of life is drudging through the snow;
or yanking out some thorny weeds, not knowing how they grow.

Or watching a young child turf it on their bike;
or getting your feelings hurt by the person that you like.

Perhaps the hardest part of life is when you have to make a choice,
even when you stand alone in doing what is right.

True others may abandon you and think things that will hurt,
yet the fire of sin isn't something, with which you want to flirt.

Perhaps the hardest part of life is working all day long,
or watching a friendship end, wondering what went wrong.

Or waking up at 5 am, on just three hours of sleep,
or realizing someone lied to you, causes you to weep.

Perhaps the hardest part of life is when your truly ill,
you puke and puke and cannot stop, regardless of your meal.

Or when the rain pours down in life, and never seems to stop;
and all the good you thought you'd done, turns out to be a flop.

Perhaps the hardest part of life is learning from mistakes,
or losing your favorite sunglasses, while swimming in a lake.

When life gets so hard that you can't take it anymore,
know the greatest man that ever lived, has felt those things before.

Perhaps the hardest part of life is finding faith in Christ,
living what he teaches, and knocking on His door.

But if you turn your heart to Him, much happiness awaits,
he'll strengthen up your shoulders, so you can bear more weight.

And then the hardest part of life won't be so challenging anymore,
because of Christ's Atonement, He's felt it all before.

And so it is you'll have a friend, through all of life's ups and downs;
He'll open up His loving arms, and help you get rid of frowns.

So in tough moments turn to God, and answers He'll supply,
He knows it all; He'll give you peace; and He will make you wise.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Power of Mentors

"Everyone comes into your life for a reason.  It is your decision how long they stay and what you learn from them."
Last night I had the opportunity to attend a critic movie screening for a movie called, "The Way Way Back." The film is the story of a 14 year old boy named Duncan, whose parents are divorced.  He and his mother are on a road trip to a beach house with his mother's boyfriend and daughter.  Duncan was not happy.  In fact, he was miserable.  I must say that I walked away from the theater feeling inspired.  It has been a long time since a movie prompted that feeling in my heart.  What did it?  The connection that I felt to Duncan as a character because I lived through the same kind of experiences, where a boy's father is not in the picture and doesn't make an effort to be a part of his son's life.  Also because to a certain degree, I felt the same way he did in the film, lost, with no sense of direction.  So how is it that a boy becomes a man at such a young age?  How does he realize his potential and overcome the difficult situation that he has been placed into?  

In the case of Duncan, various adults surround him.  His mother, her boyfriend Trent, and several of Trent's friends exert their influences on Duncan.  Trent wants him to follow the model that he grew up under, oft times overextending control and correction onto Duncan.  Several of the adults, including Duncan's mother, make poor choices and use drugs and alcohol to purport a perceived happiness to those around them.  Yet none of them are actually happy.  They booze away their sorrows and run away from the challenges they face in life. But there is one person that gets it.  That one person helps Duncan to realize the greatness within him, that he isn't a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Without revealing too much of what happens in the film, it caused me serious thought and reflection.  Who are our examples?  What do we learn from those around us?  Who do we choose to spend our time with?  What kind of influences are they exerting upon us?  We slowly, subconsciously become like those that we spend our time with.  People that do not exude love but rather go about life by distracting themselves with drugs, alcohol, or other things will find that in the end they will be unhappy and left unfilled.  I have tried to distance myself from the people that will bring me down, that will bring anger, frustration, hatred, jealousy or temptation with them.  But if they need my help, I will gladly show them love.  With all of these things flowing through my mind, I want to thank a few of the numberless individuals that have helped me in my life at times when I was lost.  Not all of them are upon the Earth any longer, but in memory of them, they deserve to be remembered and recognized for their influences upon me.  There are far too many people for me to thank or honor that deserve the recognition, but these are a few that are tender to my heart right now:

Waldo Lincoln Macey
My Grandpa Macey was always a role model for me.  During his life, he always worked hard to support his family, yet never hesitated to show those in need that he loved them.  He had the largest heart of any man I have ever known.  It didn't matter how he felt at the moment, his attention was always focused on those around him rather than himself.  I had several long talks with my grandpa before he passed away.  He was always a firm believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He studied and shared stories about spiritual experiences that he had.  He was as humble, loving, and dedicated of a man as I have ever known.  Each day I try to live up to the counsel he gave me, that "it doesn't matter how someone treats you, it is your responsibility to show them love in return."  In a day in age where selfishness and pride reign, my grandfather had foresight enough to give me the counsel that he knew I would be able to take to heart.  He made me a promise after my mission farewell that he would see me when I returned.  He battled and kept that promise. What a fine example of a man to model my life after.
Alan Shelby
Alan was another mentor to me.  In a very short time as a young boy, he taught me through his actions.  As my first basketball coach, he helped me not only to better understand the game, but to better understand life. Alan had many physical challenges during his life.  Yet he always demonstrated great efforts in trying to overcome the pain and anxiety that he felt. As I hung out with his daughters growing up, he always provided good instruction on how to properly treat a lady and demonstrated the example that a father should be in the home.  As I have faced physical and mental challenges of my own during life, I think back to the efforts that Alan made to overcome his challenges and it gives me hope. 
Don and Jackie Cannon
Don and Jackie Cannon were a second set of parents to me as I learned to live my life.  They welcomed me into their home with open arms and treated me as if I were one of their own.  When my mother was away at work, there were countless times that they fed me or took me places.  They sold me my first car for $1.  I have always looked at Don and Jackie as an example of the type of marriage that I want to someday have. Although difficulties arise, both rely on the Savior to help them through things and they in turn provide comfort and hope to all they meet with.  Don helped to teach me responsibility as I spent time with their family.  Through countless family vacations with them, as well as numerous sleepovers, I witnessed how these two amazing individuals would take in people off the streets that didn't have parents to guide them, and they would provide that direction.  They sacrifice so much for their family and for those that they adopt into their family.  I will strive to honor the example they have provided for me and I cannot thank them enough.  
Debbie Brackett

My mom has been the single greatest example and influence upon me in shaping me to become the man I am today.  It takes a truly remarkable woman to raise 7 children as a single mother.  For years she sacrificed everything she had for the well being of our family, working through illness and any challenges that arose.  I remember times growing up where she worked two jobs just to put a roof over our heads and provide us shelter.  She always taught us good values as children, and then patiently watched as we made choices, even some of which she probably didn't approve of.  Yet when we returned to her realizing the poor choice we had made, she would open her arms and cry with us.  My mom is an example of sacrifice, dedication, loyalty, hope, and all that is right in the world.  Her home is always open to me, regardless of the hour, and on many occasions when I have had a broken heart or broken body, she has helped to restore me to health and give me hope.  She is a source of happiness, kindness, sacrifice and love.  If at the end of my days I can look back and say that I learned half of the things that my mother has instilled in me through the years, than I will call this life a success.  I will always cherish her righteous example and love for the temple and others.  She is a truly selfless, humble example.  I love her with all my heart!

Something that I have noticed as I consider mentors and their roles in my life, is that they NEVER look upon themselves as such.  They do what they do because of love.  Sometimes these teachings come from the most unlikely of sources.  Other times they come from our family.  But by being an example and loving others, imagine the profound impact that we could have on the world. They help to give meaning to our lives.  This reminds me of a poem I read once that I found again recently on the internet.  I am not sure who wrote it, but this is how it goes:

This is how you touch others lives.  You show them that you care and give your love to them.  Some may accept it, others not so much.  But each of us can be the reason that someone else holds onto hope in their heart.  I have been blessed with siblings that love and care about me.  The Lord knew that I would struggle as a boy to find my way, just as Duncan did.  He sent me others to help me learn the role a father should play in the home.

To all my friends, current and through the years, thank you for your influence upon me.  Thank you for teaching me things and blessing my life with positivity and happiness.  So many of you have touched my heart more than you will ever believe or know.

In recent times I have also learned much from the women that I have dated.  They have instilled self worth, hope, and love into me and I will forever cherish the memories that I have with each of them.  They know who they are.  Their support and virtue has helped me to resist temptation and to aspire to be worthy of someday having a family of my own.  

So next time you see the person that makes a mistake; the person with a sad look on their face; the person that is sitting alone and looks depressed, say hello. Ask them if you can help.  When you see others that are happy and bring with them positive influences for your life, take a moment and thank them.  You might be amazed at the influence that you can have upon their life without even knowing it.  You might be the person that God put into their life, even for a small moment, to answer their heart's most desperate prayer.  That is the power of a loving mentor.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Thirty Things Leading to Thirty

Today it finally hit me that on Thursday I start a new generation of life, my thirties.  Many people I know have told me that turning thirty is a stress, a hassle, even a period of mental breakdowns.  I decided that I don't want it to be that way, so in celebration of turning thirty, I have decided to do thirty things that will make me a kid at heart.  I solicited many of these ideas from others, and will be completing them over the course of the next few days, on through the weekend.  As is the case with anything, it is always funner when you have friends around to share the joy.  If anyone reading this would like to participate in any of my thirty things, call or text me.  Some of these ideas are reliant upon the cooperation of the weather.  In the event that it doesn't cooperate, I'm also including a few alternate activities that I can complete.  I will be photographing many of the events as I complete them and will create a photo blog of my adventures after they are completed.  Here is my list of thirty things to do as a child turning thirty:

  1. Buy a lego set and build it.
  2. Play with action figures or toy cars.
  3. Watch Saturday morning cartoons (old school 80s cartoons that is, not that cheap anime crap they play now).
  4. Ask my mom for permission to invite my friends over for a sleepover (even though I don't live at home).
  5. Order a kid's meal from a fast food restaurant.
  6. Build a fort.
  7. Sleep out on the trampoline under the stars.
  8. Fly a kite (Only if there is enough wind to get it off the ground).
  9. Go puddle jumping (Only if it rains.  I do not want man made puddles to jump in Jeff).
  10. Eat a giant Pixi Stick.
  11. Go to a movie at midnight (The Avengers anyone?).
  12. Jump on the trampoline with a sprinkler under it.
  13. Go to a park and play on the slide and swings.
  14. Sing a song in a public bathroom that is occupied (for sanitary and privacy purposes no picture or video will be taken of this one).
  15. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk.
  16. Eat some Pop Rocks.
  17. Blow some bubbles.
  18. Roll down a hill.
  19. Run through a fountain (at the Gateway perhaps?).
  20. Play 4 player Goldeneye on old school N64 ( I can't do this one alone people!!!!)
  21. Play laser tag with friends (again, not gonna happen alone.)
  22. Drink a Squeeze It (do they even make these any more?)
  23. Go doorbell ditching.
  24. Jump rope.
  25. Buy a bouncy ball from the $.50 vending machine.
  26. Thumb wrestle people (I can't thumb wrestle myself silly).
  27. Read a Dr Seuss book.
  28. Learn how to fold a new paper airplane and fly it.
  29. Watch a Disney movie.
  30. Celebrate at Lagoon on Saturday (It's what fun is!  And you are all invited!)
This is going to be quite a remarkably adventurous week.  I can't wait to get started!  If anyone is interested in joining me for #11, 20, 21, or 30, please call or text soon so I can get you the details. As I mentioned earlier, if you want to participate in any of the other events, you are welcome to do that too.  I believe that that at the end of this week I will feel even younger than I do today, even if I'm officially thirty.  Game On!!!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The World in My Hands

"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware."  - Henry Miller
     I am one that likes to be inspired.  The last few years of my life have not been inspiring ones...  I have been on many journeys.  Spike (my foot) has had some EPIC thrill rides.  Yet something happened to me during 2011.  What was it exactly?  Choice.
     Life is made up of choices.  Each day we face thousands of them. What will I eat for breakfast? What will I wear to work?  Then there are the less obvious choices that we make: Breathe in and out, swallow, cough, poop.  Although most of our choices may seem trivial, I have found that at any given time, there are choices that can change our lives. 
     During August, I experienced New York City for the first time.  I experienced it during a hurricane.  Having suffered from chronic pain for years, I have recently come to appreciate each day of life as a gift.  As Andrew and I talked to the locals in preperation for the hurricane, I noticed a totally split crowd of New Yorkers.  It seemed that half of them were over preparing while the other half didn't think it was a big deal and decided maybe they should go kayaking in the middle of the hurricane.  Poor choices usually end badly.  In this case, men from the National Guard risked their lives to save those of the mindless kayakers.  This event brought me to serious reflection: How would I feel if I knew that today could be my last day?  How would I spend my final moments?  What should I do to more fully enjoy and appreciate life?
     This experience led me to determine that the world is what I make it.  Two men look out through the same bars; one sees the mud and one sees the stars.  Certainly the situation these men are in is identical.  But what causes one of them to change their focus?  Attitude?  Wisdom?  CHOICE!!  The fact of the matter is all of us are going to pass through life's roller coaster.  It will hit us each in different ways and at different times.  For me it has hit my health. For others it may hit finances, family, friends, or all at once.  Yet life is still good!  Life is great in fact!  Why is it great?  Because it is whatever we make it!  What I realized in that hotel room while the winds howled and rains poured down outside the 1 inch pane of glass seperating me from certain wetness, was that the choices that matter most are the ones we make about how to react to the things that happen to us.  What we CHOOSE to see, the mud or the stars, is completely and utterly up to us.

     As 2012 begins, I know that the World is in my hands...  What I choose to do with it is up to me.  I've failed to live up to my potential the last few years and that stops now.  Pain will not hold me back.  Anxiety will fade like the sunset.  I will get in the best shape of my life.  I will be more positive.  I will update my blog more.  I will get my MBA.  I will be in relentless pursuit of things that matter.  Will it have its ups and downs?  I'm sure it will.  But when I look back on 2012, I will most certainly achieve one thing: I will be inspired... Why?  Because I choose to be!
"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved." -William Jennings Bryant

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Continued Journeys of Spike the Foot

When Spike last left off, he could be found attacking the back of Matt's head in a sick Dodge Charger somewhere in Kansas, and as well in a decorative floral motif. Since then, Spike has continued his pursuit of hitting every state during his lifetime. Here is an update on the latest travels of Spike, my foot:

As the holiday season approached, Spike got excited for the opportunity to spread holiday cheer. He decided that the best gift to give others was a little piece of himself. So he put a bow on top and gave the gift of holiday cheer!

With Christmas behind him, Spike started decided that he must bring in the new year with a bang. He threw a massive party and just as the clock hit midnight, toasted in the New Year like never before! For Spike it had been a year of self discovery; a year in which he truly began to understand his heritage.

Entering into 2009, Spike was given the opportunity to interview for a position in which he would be traveling extensively. Spike decided this was a pleasant idea, and interviewed. Shortly thereafter, he began embarking on journey after journey across the U. S. of A. From coast to coast, Spike could be found taking in the rays on the beach, mingling with the locals, and celebrating his true roots. Along the way, he managed to snap a few photos.

Spike's first trip landed him in the woods of Alpharetta, Georgia. Unfortunately for Spike, there wasn't much time for fun. He was dressed for business and spent the week in heavy labors!

Spike next journeyed into the land of buccaneers, taking full advantage of an opportunity to lounge in his casual wear by the pool in Tampa, Florida.

May approached and Spike knew that with the passing of another month he would fulfill another year of life. He was happy to celebrate with family and festivities.

Spike didn't have much time to recover from his birthday before it was time to celebrate again. Cinco de Mayo was an important part of his true culture, a festivity in which his descendants celebrated winning one battle during a war in which they were massacred! Spike dressed for his annual Mexican dance, ate frijoles and arroz, smiled and was happy!

Spike needed some exercise to burn off some of the festivities from May. It wasn't long before he decided to take a trip to Zion's National Park in Southern Utah. Hanging freely over a drop of a couple thousand feet was quite the invigorating experience. Taking a dip in the river was most refreshing after a long, hot day on the red rocks.

Another vigorous month of working travels followed, and Spike, under orders from those in charge, decided he best find a balance between work and life in alternate destinations. While doing a second week in Tampa, Spike managed to find an amazing beach across from Crabby Joe's where he sampled the local fare and caught sweet rays on the white sands of Clearwater beach.

The travel circuit continued, next taking Spike to the lush environments of the Midwest. Minnesota was up, and Don'cha know, Spike had an amazing trek through the spectacularly large MOA (Mall of America)! In the process he even even learned a new word, UFFDA!

While at the MOA, a modeling opportunity arose. Spike capitalized on this opportunity, and did a full layout for Tiffany's as a result.

Spike was beginning to feel very fulfilled with his endeavors, and felt as though it was time to return to the place where it all began some 18 months before, Huntington Beach, CA. It was there that Spike was able to once more take in the open surf and fresh smells of seaweed.

Most recently, Spike has had the chance to travel a bit for pleasure. Most recently, in October of 2009, he went to U2 in Las Vegas. He couldn't help but wonder at the amazingly massive stage. To put things in proportion, he took a glamour shot next to it!

Wrapping up this month's circuit, Spike looked to get cultured. He got a little of that when he visited Old Paris, uh hum.... That is, the Paris in Las Vegas.

Spike has had a most excellent adventure during this year's travels. With the future lies uncertainty, but one thing he can be sure of, is wherever goes his master, there he will be also!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Light to the World

Over the past week I took a trip to Bellevue, WA for work. I was selected as one of 3 trainers from SLC to participate in the launch of a new leadership training program for VZW. With all the craziness that has been my health over the past year, I was a little nervous to be sleeping in a hotel bed again for multiple nights. All of that culminated during the journey that was my trip to Bellevue.

The butt crack of dawn struck Tuesday morning, and I was up finalizing my suitcase. I got to the airport around 7:50, and realized very quickly that this trip was going to be eventful when I saw the cow herding method of boarding the plane that Southwest uses. The flight there was only half full, and was just a hair longer than 2 hours. With our flight leaving Salt Lake at 9:30, with the time change we would have most of the day to throw fish with the locals. Another trainer, Angela, sat next to the window, and then there was an empty seat before I adorned the aisle.

The flight there was uneventful for the first 2 hours. Just as we should've been landing, Angela and I noticed that the pilot decided to put the plane into a holding pattern. We couldn't figure out why, but for the next 90 minutes we sat in doubt until the pilot finally broke the silence to tell us that he would be returning the plane to Portland because it was too foggy in Seattle to land.
Much to the disappointment of everyone, we turned around and upon arrival in Portland deboarded the plane. While doing so, one of the Southwest workers told us to be ready to leave at any second because if we weren't they would leave us behind. There I waited, listening to the profanity flowing from the mouthes of others like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory!

We were combined with another flight 2 hours later, and boarded the suddenly full flight back up to Seattle. This time we were able to land, and upon doing so, a Yugoslavian guy sitting next to the other trainer, Tyler, asked him in staggered English if he could borrow Tyler's cell phone... Tyler punched in the number that the guy needed to call, and handed him his cell phone. What then ensued was a classic moment amongst people that don't know the slightest thing about cell phones. The Yugoslavian seemed to think that the other party wasn't going to hear him because Tyler's phone is so small, so he compensated by raising his voice. The plane was somewhat quiet when suddenly a yell burst through, "HEY RICHARD, WE A FINALLY LANDED 'ERE IN SEATTLE! " The entire plane now knew that Richard was now deaf!

The city of Seattle is beautiful! It is clean, and a lot of people use public transportation or walking to go places instead of cars. It is also expensive! We looked for a steak under $45 for dinner for well over an hour and a half before we finally found someplace. Being with two individuals that are not concerned with religion, I ended up getting to play designated driver in a city that I knew about as well as the gross domestic product of Zanzibar. A roller coaster ride through the foggy streets of Seattle ensued, but eventually we rolled our PIMP mini van into the parking lot of our hotel in Bellevue.

The next day was a very long day of sitting in a classroom and discussing the new training program. After working 11 hours, we were set loose for dinner, and decided to go for Sushi. Three trainers from Rancho Cordova, CA accompanied us in our decked out mini van, which only escalated the foul language that I had to endure to another level. I was getting frustrated with it, and just when I was about to lay the shmack down, I saw it! Glowing in the darkness amongst the pine trees, there it was!

Towering out of nowhere came the Bellevue temple! I whipped out my cell phone and snapped a quick (hence the blur) photo of it. While my soul was rejuvenated by seeing the light of the temple in an otherwise dark moment, I was so captivated that I almost didn't hear the comments coming from behind about how this was "a big a** church." I took the moment to tell them it wasn't just a church, but rather a temple. They were blown away briefly, and then went back to their profanity.

Knowing that the temple was there, it was the constant thing that I looked to the rest of the week for a brief lifting of my spirits, and each time, it did just that. I came to realize quickly that one didn't have to go into the temple all the time for it to be a blessing in their life. The history of the church shows that at various times it was shown to the early prophet how a temple would bless the community that it resides in. It would be an ensign to the world of God's work.
Christ told his disciples, "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven" (Matthew 5:14-16).

This experience only furthered what I knew about why we are on Earth. There is a great battle going on, and we are the participants, whether we are conscious of it or not. This battle is between the LIGHT and the DARK. The more we follow God's plan, the stronger our light becomes and the more others can see it as if placed upon a candlestick for the entire house. In Washington, though thick fog set in and one couldn't see more than 15 feet in front of them, I could see a cloud of light penetrating the fog where the temple stood. The harder we work at being clean, the stronger others will be able to see the light through the fog of our lives.

There are many references to light and darkness in the scriptures. Death and hell in their most extreme extensions are referred to as Outer Darkness (D&C 101:91). Eternal life and and the degrees of glory are oft times described through the use of metaphors of light and vision. Even when the Earth was being created, before the matter took shape, the Lord said "Let there be Light" (Genesis 1:2-3).

Perhaps the most riveting reference to light in the scriptures comes from John 8:12, when the Savior states, "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, in a book titled However Long and Hard the Road had this to say about this reference and light:

Christ is, according to our revelations, the light of the sun, the light of the moon, the light of the stars and of the earth. Furthermore, he is the light which "giveth you light,... [which]enlighteneth your eyes, which is the same light that quickeneth your understandings." (D&C 88:7-11)

Light, like truth, forsakes the evil one, that prince of darkness who was cast out of heaven into the earth. The casualty of that rebellious son's fall is glimpsed at least partially in the meaning of his name Lucifer, literally "a bearer of light," a son of the morning. Having lost that fresh radiance of an eternal dawn and destined to dwell in a kingdom without glory (i.e., light), Satan now consciously seeks to take away light from the children of men. We are able to elude such
lifeless desolation, however, because God once again looked upon a darkened world and said, "Let there be light." He gave his Only Begotten Son that whosoever would believe in him should
not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

As mentioned above by Elder Holland, Christ is the light of the world, and the reason that the temple is a house of light, is because it is the house of Christ. The more temples that are built upon the face of the earth, the more the darkness of the adversary is discouraged and diminished upon the face thereof. That is why it brought encouragement to my soul on my trip in Bellevue, WA.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Great Foot Adventures!

One day I was sitting around watching tv, and saw a credit card commercial where a little boy gave his father a stuffed monkey before he left on a work trip. The father took pictures of the monkey at various locations and sent them back to his family. Then, shortly thereafter, there was an Expedia commercial where pictures were taken of a gnome at various locations. I decided something must be done!

I was about to embark on a vacation to California, followed by a work trip to Longview, Texas for 6 weeks. I decided that I must find my stuffed monkey or gnome that would accompany all of my pictures. Imagine me, a 6' hefty load of meat, walking down the street with a stuffed animal... Only one thing came to mind, VOMIT! A gnome everywhere I went? EVEN WORSE!!! Just then it hit me... The one thing that I would always have on me, always with me wherever I went, and just short of brilliant in pictures was: MY FOOT!!! And so it is that I post my first set in the series The Great Foot Adventures!!!

This first image was taken on Huntington Beach in March of 2008 with weak sauce camera phone. I knew I was onto something when I sent it out and got immediate responses from everyone I sent it to!

Just a short drive away from the little city in the middle of the nowhere in Texas, is Lousiana... This little gem was taken overlooking Shreveport at the Red River Outlets.

My foot over Texas!!! At the top of the giant tower in Arlington Texas resides my foot overlooking Six Flags Over Texas. My foot is taller than the Superman Tower of Power!!!

The 4th of July is one of the best holidays of the year for delicious barbecue, amazing watermelon, and well, holding sparklers with your feet too! Is there anything more patriotic that you've ever seen?!

As you embark on a road trip one thing is for certain, you WILL get a craving! Well, sometimes when your foot gets a craving, there is only one way to fix, the same way I heard Harold and Kumar did it (not that I'd know though). My foot fixed it's craving and scarfed down a load of sliders!

There is something about going barefoot at a wedding! When my cousin Jim got married in August of 2008 in Kansas City, my foot embarked upon a new mission. I couldn't very well stand on the table at the wedding dinner, so I brought the glory of the table to my foot! It's so lushly decorated with flower petals that the candle light brought out even more!

Matt has no idea what is about to hit him!!! Taken from the inside of an amazing red Dodge Charger somewhere between Chicago and Kansas City, my lovely foot is about to whack the back of an unsuspecting victims head.

There is only one bad thing about the Waffle House: WHERE'S THE DANG FRUIT ON THE WAFFLES??? Who am I kidding though, it is a staple of amazing breakfasty goodness from the Midwest which my long skinny toe nail from my big toe greatly appreciated!
Stay Tuned for More Coming Soon!!!